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Wounded Warriors Mustang hits the road for High Five Tour

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OMAHA, Neb. -- Wounded Warriors Family Support has hit the road this summer for its nearly two-month-long High Five Tour 2012 (East).

During the third annual High Five Tour, the Wounded Warriors Family Support 2012 Shelby Mustang GT-500 "Super Snake" will cruise across the eastern half of the United States to thank Americans for their support of military families. The tour will raise funds and awareness for Wounded Warriors Family Support's mission, which is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations.

From June 25 to Aug. 18, the Wounded Warriors Family Support Mustang will travel to nearly 50 cities in more than 30 states, making stops at Ford dealerships, military bases and auto events.

"Through this tour, we want to engage as many Americans as possible in order to thank them for their support of our military families and to enlist their support," said Col. John Folsom, founder of Wounded Warriors Family Support.

Wounded Warriors Family Support invites Americans of all walks of life to show their support for military families by visiting a stop on the High Five Tour 2012 and signing the car with a message of support to the country's veterans and their families. Supporters can also contribute $5 to Wounded Warriors Family Support by texting "highfive" to 20222.

All funds raised from the High Five Tour 2012 (East) will go towards Operation Tyler, which will help build a "smart home" for Lance Cpl. Tyler Huffman and his family. Huffman, a native of Fulton, Mo., was injured in Afghanistan in 2010 when he was struck in the chest by an enemy sniper, leaving him wheelchair-bound. Wounded Warriors Family Support has pledged no less than $50,000 to Operation Tyler.

Supporters can cheer on the Wounded Warriors Family Support Mustang anywhere along the High Five Tour route. The Mustang is equipped with a GPS tracking device that will allow supporters to see where the car is traveling in real time on the High Five Tour website,

For more information on the tour, including its schedule, visit Wounded Warriors Family Support will provide timely updates about the tour on Facebook,, and Twitter, @coljohnfolsom.

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