Zora Arkus Duntov Lightweight L88 Corvette to be at Monterey

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MONTEREY, CALIF. --  As hard as the organizers tried to keep this exclusive reception hush-hush; leaks today are commonplace. Word of this invitation-only event was bound to be discovered.

Says Dr. John Baeke, one of the event organizers, "Arguably the most famous Corvette of them all, the 1965 L88 #58053 of Zora Arkus Duntov ("Father of the Corvette") will be exhibited and its never-before told story presented in amazing detail. Retired GM engineer Kenneth W. Kayser shall spearhead the presentation telling the exciting history of the prototype L88, internally called, "The Pilot" car. This car was the lightweight L88 racer, also referred by Chevrolet engineers as the "Lightened Sebring". Years researching GM Heritage archives, as well as other troves from Duntov himself (even clips from a home movie) has culminated in this anticipated event.

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Many know the performance specs of the L88 Corvettes, and their rarity; but few know the behind-the-scenes story of intrigue and subterfuge that was required for these cars to ever become reality. Proceeding down the path of developing the 427cid, >600 hp L88 , continually jeopardized Zora's career at GM. Anyone of Zora's minions at Chevrolet Engineering Center could have blown the whistle on the project, revealing the clandestine operation to GM brass. The mere existence of any L88 today, is a lasting tribute to how a group of like-minded workers remained loyal to one man... and tight- lipped.

The owners of #58053 have painstakingly preserved all manners of detail to maintain the originality of this, the grandest of all Corvettes. This car represents the genesis of all L88 Corvettes and still retains its unique experimental engine, chassis, suspension and body. The car shall be on display, along with cut-away mechanical components and many archival photos and drawings. Guests should expect to be overwhelmed with the volume of information and fascinating stories Kayser will cram into a limited amount of time. All guests will be invited to inspect the car. Truly, Zora's Corvette is a National Treasure." 

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Reception: Monterey-Hyatt Regency Ballroom
Time/Date: 10 a.m. Friday, August 18, 2017. (by invitation only)
Seriously interested individuals may contact Dr. John Baeke at tel. 913-406-2262
email: JBaeke@ParkPlaceUSA.net

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