Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1933 Ford Model Y

Former Car of the Week, 1933 Ford Model Y takes center stage in this edition of 'Old Cars Reader Wheels.'
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Veit Model Y

This time is a special treat for us. The Veit Automotive Foundation is the proud owner of an Old Car "Car of the Week" that was featured back in 2017 (see article here). It sounds like the Foundation has been doing a wonderful job bringing her back to her former glory. Not to mention adding to their collection. This is what the Veit Automotive Foundation had to say about their newly acquired Model Y and their museum...

"Let me introduce you to the the Veit Automotive Foundation.

The foundation is comprised of Tri-Five Chevrolets, an outstanding collection of 1933 Fords and Duesenbergs. My reasoning for the letter is to share a bit more about our historic 1933 Ford Collection. We acquired the 1932 Ford Model Y highlighted in your magazine Old Cars Weekly from March of 2017. Since that acquisition, we also purchased a very rare 1933 Skirtless Ford Victoria to complete our collection. We think the Skirtless 33 to be one of maybe (5) known to exists. From the early prototypes to a specially built sedan delivery for the National Cash Register company, the depth of the collection is very vast.

We have renowned restorer Dave Simard onboard restoring both the Model Y and the newly acquired Skirtless '33 mentioned earlier. 

Our vast collection of 1933 Fords not only highlights Fords line up but that of early Hot Rods of the 1950’s."

Check out the Veit Automotive Foundation & Museum -

914 80th Street, Buffalo, MN 55313

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