Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1937 Oldsmobile L37-3811

Old Cars spotlights a reader submitted 1937 Oldsmobile L37-3811

Russ Golesh is the proud owner of this stunning rare Oldsmobile. This is what Russ had to say about his touring sedan…

Russ Golesh's 1937 Oldsmobile L37-3811

Russ Golesh's 1937 Oldsmobile L37-3811

"Oldsmobile only produced 6,048 of these eight-cylinder 2-door touring sedans with a trunk. We acquired this car two years ago from a man in Michigan who had owned it for about thirty years or so. We've spent the past twenty months or so restoring, repairing, or replacing all of the major mechanicals on this beautiful car. We can now drive it anywhere and we show it often at local car shows. It's a real head Turner and so far has won five trophies."

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