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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1948 Dodge B1 RA 172 with a Garwood bed

One owner's Heavy Dodge is a sight to behold. A bit of automotive history to boot!

Kevin Johnston has a great heavy-hauler on his hands. 3-tons of fun you might say. Here is what Kevin had to say about his workhorse Dodge...


"I have a 3-Ton Pilothouse 1948 B1 RA 172 with a Garwood Bed. My truck has a colorful past and 34K original miles on it. 

She has highway gears, a 5-speed with a 2-speed rear axle (easily does 75mph) and the much larger 30" Moly Block (Dodge had to stretch the front clip of the heavy trucks by 18" to accommodate the larger industrial power plant), my truck has dealer installed dual carbs and nearly ever option available at the time.

The heavy Dodge's were quite interesting given Dodge retooled the factory for 1.5% of their production so they could compete with Whites, Internationals and other heavy trucks from the post war era." 


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