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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1955 Chevy Bel Air

Old Cars spotlights a reader submitted 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Mark Axen sent us pics of his "movie star" '55 Chevy. He added...

Mark Axen

This is my 1955 Chevy Bel Air. It has the original 265 V8, Powerglide; it also sports front disc brakes and Pertronix upgrades.

Apalachin copy

Here it is on the set here as the Carmine Galante's (played by Gino Cafarelli) car in the recent film, 'Mobtown', in NY's Catskills region.

Not a great movie, but I think my car deserves an 'Oscar'!

The Chevy performed flawlessly, never flubbing a line, and was treated well by the staff.

APALACHIN, Port Jervis 027

A lot of waiting around'... They paid $250 per day, with catered meals.

APALACHIN, Port Jervis 036

I was suited up to serve as an 'extra' in background scenes, and I am seen here standing left of actor David Arquette.

It was an interesting and fun experience to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Consider registering your old car with a company, and perhaps try this out.

If you would like your car featured in Reader Wheels click on the link below and tell us a little bit about your ride.


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