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Old Cars Reader Wheels 1957 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

Old Cars spotlights a reader submitted 1957 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

Roger Steiner loves Dodge trucks! This is what he had to say about his Dodges….


How I fell in love with 1957 Dodge Trucks

After seeing a 1957 Dodge W100 Power Wagon project for sale on Craigslist in April of 2018, I was hooked. The Forward Look, one year only front end, first year full opening hood, V8, automatic, 4wd. The guy I got it from had a yard full of Dodge trucks of various sizes from the '50s and '6's. After hauling it home, I started looking for parts and bought 3 more '57 parts trucks, D200, D300, D400.

I started with rebuilding the brake system, changed fluid and seals in differentials and transfer cases. After looking into the cost of rebuilding the 315 V8 and missing original transmission, I bought a low mileage Dodge '72 motor home 318 from a salvage yard. I did a cheap cleanup rebuild, gaskets, oil pump, timing chain, cleaned up the cylinders and valves, new plugs, wires and rebuilt the carb. After that I made motor mounts and upgraded the wiring with a  single wire alternator and electronic ignition. The motor fired right up. Spring of 2020 I was looking forward to taking the truck to some local car shows. But due to the Covid virus, everything that was planned was canceled. I did enter the trucks in to Vintage Trucks magazine virtual truck show. We did put more miles on the Power Wagon than on our 1966 Dodge Monaco this summer.

The D400 has Horton Sales, Mpls Minn, stenciled on the drivers door. I'm sure there is story about that. After unsticking an exhaust valve, rebuilding carb and fuel pump, replacing points, plugs, wires the 251 6cyl. it fired up. So now to start on it as the second '57 project, maybe a hydraulic dump flat bed?

I also bought another parts truck, a '56 H model, minus sheetmetal. Now I can't wait till spring to start back up on it.

Wish I more time, money and a bigger heated garage. Thanks to good buddy Bruce and my son Jacob for all their help. Special thanks to my wife Geri for letting me play with my trucks.


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