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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1959 Nash Rambler

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s 1959 Nash Rambler
1959 Rambler 3

Cruthadams (online)  sent us pics of the “had to have” Rambler along with the story…

"My new vehicle. When I came around the corner this car screamed at me. I stopped at the house & a lady answered.

Me: Would u be interested in selling the old car.
Lady: What u give for it. So I told her.
Me: Are u sure u want to sell.

I really want it but, this is all I can afford.

Lady: Consider it sold.

I bought the car for advertising at my shop.


Within one hour of putting on my property I had a man wanting to buy if from me. Name my price. Ouch, I just got it. Since then two more people have asked to buy.

My shop is off a hwy. with a lot of lake traffic.

Maybe, I will draw some business this summer. Lol."

1959 Rambler 2
1959 Rambler

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