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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1966 Ford Bronco

Old Cars spotlights a reader submitted 1966 Ford Bronco

Jeff Leslie owns this fine Bronco. He is rightfully proud of his early production Ford. He had this to say about it...

Bronco 1

Since this was a first hour production ‘66 Bronco, I have gone out of my way to keep it original. I even went to the point of buying other ‘66s just to cherrypick original ‘66 parts for this restoration! As it stands, it’s the 7th oldest known Bronco, but arguably is the oldest most original. So there are of later production Broncos that are lower mileage which still have original paint, tires etc., but this ‘66 is currently the most accurate example of the earliest production Broncos.

Bronco 3

Other interesting points about this Bronco is it’s the first known heavy duty packaged Bronco. The model code is U152 as most people know U15 is the wagon/full top, U14 is the 1/2 cab, U13 is topless. The base model of each of the three U150, U140, and U130 but heavy duty package equips the Broncos with HD 7 pack rear leaf springs, factory limited slip rear axle, HD Autolite shocks, and HD front coils. Also sometimes accompanied with heavy duty packages are Warn lockout hubs, HD clutch and HD riveted (not pinch welded) K/H wheels.

With all this extra beef on the drivetrain, coupled with all the added bling, it’s not surprising that this Bronco’s DSO code is 89. It’s listed as “transportation services” but this is better explained as “promotional vehicle.” Ford makes promotional vehicles intended to be used for advertisement and/or given to a Ford executive. In the early Bronco community there are only 3 DSO 89 Broncos (2 ‘66s and a ‘76) I’m sure there were more at one point, but obviously this Bronco still has a very rare and unique history.

- Motor: stock 170
- Trans: stock 3 speed column shift
- Transfer: stock Dana 20
- Axles: stock 4.11 LS Ford 9” & 4.10 Dana 30
- Suspension: stock HD springs with HD Monroe shocks (couldn’t find original HD Autolite shocks)
- Interior: stock ‘66 silver front bucket and rear back bench
- Paint: 2 stage stock Caribbean Turquoise with Wimbledon white top
- Tires: stock 7.00x15 LT M/S bias

Bronco 2

Additional factory options include: chrome package (chrome bumpers, wheel covers, horn ring, taillight bezels) chrome door mirrors, chrome bumperettes, radio, heater, hazard flashers, hand throttle, cigar lighter, windshield washers, and sun visors. I know some of the options seem like they would be standard equipment, like the squirters or the heater, but in ‘66 you could get one stripped down to bare bones with a hand choke, headlights switch and ignition switch... pretty hard to imagine comparing options to today’s base models. lol

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