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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1968 Ford XL Fastback

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s 1968 Ford XL Fastback motivated by a punched-out Boss 429 sporting 520 cubic inches of Ford muscle.

Joe Tubbs is living large with his ’68 Ford XL. He’s been rolling in his Ford since 2001. It is even rocking an 8-track! This is what Joe had to say about his potent XL…

"I purchased this car from the October 18, 2001 issue of old cars weekly. As advertised '1968 XL Fastback Factory 4-speed and 8-track. Excellent body, blue on blue 390 apart buckets, console, rust free $1400. Many other Fords.' I was thirteen years old at the time, and we traveled all the way up to Gettysburg, South Dakota to pick it up. We pulled it out of a shed on the property, and it was overall solid. Against my father's suggestion, I purchased the car. One look and I was hooked! The car was even featured on “ “ ford section page 9. Since the 390 was apart we ran a 429 for many years in the car. We even added a 6-speed and 4.11 gears making the car a great cruiser. This year it got the ultimate transformation! We placed a Boss 429 stroked and bored to a 520 cubic-inch motor. As far as I have found, it is the only 68 XL that has had the transformation. It took a lot of motor mount, trans mount, and header modifications to get it to fit, but it does beautifully."


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