Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1969 Plymouth 'Cuda 440

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s 1969 Plymouth 'Cuda 440
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1969 Plymouht 440 Cuda AAR

Is that a "notchback" 'Cuda I am seeing? With a 440 to boot? Gary Hoover is the lucky fellow who owns this awesome piece of MoPar machinery. This is what Gary had to say about his sweet, low mileage and rare ride...

"This is a 1 of 39 Plymouth 440 'Cuda notchbacks. Plymouth made a total of 359 440 'Cudas with the majority of them being fastback models. At the height of “bigger is better” Chrysler WAS drag racing. Which of the big 3 could put the biggest motor in the smallest lightest car? You are looking at the winner - 3240 lbs. curb weight Plymouth 440 'Cuda. This car was drag raced from day 1. Raced until 1981 then parked with 3200 miles. The car was repainted due to graphics on the sides while raced. Only the outside body was painted, the motor bay, trunk and door jams are original 1968 paint, being this car was built in December 1968. It’s been in private collections and hidden away for years. No power options were available for these straight line machines. No power steering or brakes and the standard warranty of 3/36 was cut to the Hemi warranty of 12/12. All M-code cars had 727 Torqueflite transmissions. This car has 6854 original documented miles."

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