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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1970 Ford Torino Brougham

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s pristine 1970 Ford Torino Brougham with Ford pedigree.

Mike Lucionne is the lucky owner of this awesome Torino perviously owned by the actual designer of the car. Mike has also owned some Torino gems in the past. This is what Mike had to say about his prized brougham….

"Just read your article on the '71 Torino (See story here). It was very informative. l own Bill Shenks' 1970 Torino Brougham. Bill was the sole designer of the '70 model which was also Motor Trend "Car of the Year" and NASCAR's pace car which were actual pace cars used on the tracks."


"I owned the Martinsville fastback up until 3 months ago. l also have the Charlotte  convertible to which l have a pic of Richard Petty driving it."


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