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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1978 Lincoln Mark V

Old Cars spotlights a reader submitted 1978 Lincoln Mark V

Talk about a time capsule! Ron Ripplinger sent us pics of his amazing 1978 Lincoln Mark V. It has only 2,000 original miles on it. Ron added….

I read your article about Bob Mayer and his ‘65 Cadillac and it felt like I was reading a story about myself. I too, am a bit of a purist and love the untouched, original old cars. I have five of them but the jewel in the crown is my ‘78 Lincoln Mark V with only 2,000 original miles. It still sports its original tires and is virtually as it came from the showroom. Also, as a bit of a sidebar, I have a ‘67 DeVille that, with the color combination, looks a lot like Bob’s. Mine has 21,000 miles.

78 Lincoln Mark V
Lincon Mark V rear

Ron also included a pic of his super-clean ’67 Cadillac DeVille for our viewing enjoyment.


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