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Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1987 Classic Tiffany

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s 1987 Classic Tiffany
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Johnny & Rona Pappas are the proud owners of this Classic Motor Carriages' tribute to Duesenberg. This definitely is not a car you see every day. This is what they had to say about their limited-production ride…

"The Classic Tiffany, not a kit or repli-car, was hand built from scratch by Classic Motor Carriages, a company based in Miami, Florida during the 1980’s. CMC used Mercury Cougar LS bodies and then added fiberglass fenders, hood and trunk to a stretched-out custom made frame. The neo-classical Tiffany was built to re-create the legendary 1920 Duesenberg, the most outstanding example of design and engineering of that era and still highly prized today. Each Tiffany motorcar (manufactured from 1984 thru 1988 with a limited production of just over 140 cars) was custom designed by its purchaser. The elite Tiffany not only possessed elegant styling – it was also the most technological car of its time featuring power steering, brakes, windows, seats, mirrors, door locks, antennae, cruise control, electronic climate control HVAC system, auto dimming headlights, keyless entry, premium sound system and digital speedometer with an on-board computer. The engineer is a Ford fuel injected 5.0-liter V-8 coupled with an A4LD automatic transmission and ten bold 2.73 rear. Added features include interior and exterior opera lights, 25-gallon fuel tank, 18 carat gold hood ornament and an all original Silver Aluminum metal flake custom paint job and pinstriping. 

We purchased Gatsby from an exotic car dealership (the original owner was the consignor) in Oakland, California on November 1st, 2019, with only 22,723 miles on the odometer. Gatsby, not a trailer queen being regularly driven, is the ultimate luxury touring car!"


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