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Old Cars Reader Wheels: The John Vetter Collection

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s collection. This time we focus on three impressive Fords.

Holy nice Fords Batman! John Vetter has some awesome Fords. Some of them were workhorses to boot. Check out his collection. He added this about his collection...

Police Ford

The green Galaxie is a former FBI car with the 390 Police Interceptor engine.

Fire Ford

The red Country Sedan belonged to the Willard New Mexico fire department. They used it as their ambulance. I'm the 2nd owner.

Wagon Ford

The White Country Squire has factory installed bucket seats, console (1 of 758) and 352 engine with a factory installed 4-speed. I'm the 4th owner.

These are only a few of his treasures. He also stated he owned the following:

- Ford 300 police car. Originally owned by the Columbus, Georgia Police Department. I has a 352 with a factory installed 4-speed Country Sedan. He's the 2nd owner.

- Galaxie 500 XL (bucket seats, console) convertible. 390 and factory installed 4-speed. Was a Ford show car.

- Galaxie 500 XL (bucket seats, console) 4-dr hardtop. 390 and factory installed 4-speed. He bought it from the original owner's family.

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