Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1974 Cadillac coupe deVille D' Elegance

Old Cars spotlights a reader’s 1974 Cadillac coupe deVille D' Elegance
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Larry Mayes cruises style with his Caddy. This is what Larry and to say about his 31,600 mile deVille…

“The Cadillac still has original paint, interior & drivetrain, 31,600 miles car is fully loaded. It was purchased new in 1973 by Richard Costin who got new cars every year, in 1974 when his new ’75 was to be bought, this was traded in, but a pass thru deal with the father (Charles Smith) of his brother-in-law buying it. My dad was with Charlie when he bought it and thought it had 14k or 18k miles on it. This was to be Charlie’s retirement car. I saw him in it a few times sitting in the back seat holding his dog with his wife as front passenger and a friend driving them around. Charlie hardly ever drove it and his son (Ken Smith & brother-in-law to Richard) brought it to his house around 1990 since it was being used as a bench in the small garage it was in. Around 1995 I took it home to clean it up so I could put back in barn & cover to protect it, and was told to just keep it. So I have been the caregiver of it ever since. It has had a few touch ups to paint and new rear bumper fillers installed, but majority of paint is original.”

1974 Cadillac coupe deVille De Elegance

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