Weathered Wheels: 1959 Mercury station wagon

A hidden Merc has been sitting in the Minnesota woods for decades

"I was on assignment to take a photo for our business magazine of an engineering firm doing test drilling at a site where a flood had washed out a huge section of road," says Steve Isola. "The location was quite rural (in northern Minnesota). I had to backtrack and take a separate road to the site. Long story short – I spotted this Mercury station wagon sitting in a yard. I knocked on the door of a house that said 'trespassers will be shot' and a few other ominous signs. No one answered. I listened for barking dogs or gun barrels poking through curtains (I had left the car running with the door open). Nothing. So, I framed my shot and then shot out of there. The car was too good a photo opportunity to pass up. And too far away to drive up there again.... The car has been sitting for years. Note the license plate: 1971."

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