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How to condition rate your car

Join the Old Cars Weekly experts for a web exclusive seminar.

Join the Old Cars Weekly experts on Aug. 19 for a web exclusive seminar on “How to Condition Rate Your Car”.

The 7 p.m. (CST) live seminar will be conducted by OCW Editor Angelo Van Bogart, Auction/Technical Editor Ron Kowalke, and Editorial Director Brian Earnest.

Topics will include:
- Uses of a condition rating
- An explanation of the rating system
- How and why the system was developed
- An explanation of each condition rating (1-6)
- What is done in the field to determine 1-6 condition
- The errors in condition rating and common misunderstandings of condition rating
- Who uses the rating system and how they use it
- Staff experiences while rating cars
- How to prepare your car for a condition rating (appraisal)

The condition rating system established and used in our Old Cars Pricing Guide and Old Cars Report is now an industry standard, and important in valuing vehicles for sale or insurance purposes.

As Angelo notes, “Assessing the car’s value on an annual or semi-annual basis is imperative, especially for cars with volatile pricing, such as muscle cars.”

But doing a proper rating means getting down and dirty. “To do a proper rating,” Angelo explains, “you have to crawl around to view chassis and suspensions; lift the hood and assess all aspects of the engine compartment; look in, under and around the trunk; examine all aspects of the interior; and check the operation of all mechanical features when possible.”

The seminar will explain precisely what to look for and where to look for it. Peak under the hood with the experts to see how they do it.

The seminar is a very cost-friendly $12.95, which includes free access to the archived seminar for one year.

Are you already registered? If you have any special questions or concerns about car rating that you'd like the team to address, send your questions to Angelo at prior to Aug. 19.

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