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The 1966 Ford Mustang retractable.

Retractable 1966 Ford Mustang to be sold by VanDerBrink Auctions

Harv Bish’s Mustang retractable was built by an original Ford Motor Co. engineer who worked on the Skyliner and Mustang retractable programs Ford’s original prototype Mustang retractable was likely scrapped, but that doesn’t mean the chance to own a drop-top pony car with the convenience of a solid roof has to be junked, too....

The restored 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan outside Petersen Auto Body, the Fremont, Nebraska, business that recently restored the car.

Car of the Week: Lambrecht 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan

Original owners buy back, restore their 1957 Chevrolet from Lambrecht Chevrolet By Angelo Van Bogart; photos courtesy Petersen Body Shop Gerald and Betty Hixson bought their 1957 Chevrolet twice from the same man, but Gerald was beginning to wonder if the second chance would ever come. In December 1957, just a few days after...

The Auto-Boat in water — is this a legitimate image?

1921 Auto-Boat: Floating along 40 years earlier than the Amphicar

Was this floating car for real? Forty years before the Amphicar, there was the Auto-Boat, an amphibious vehicle built to haul up to seven passengers by New Yorker Paul Panketan. Although the Auto-Boat never became mass-produced like the Amphicar, some of its numbers were more impressive: five or seven passenger carrying capacity, 90 mph...