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Coupe de Grace

Barry and Jewel Jacobs’ 1936 Buick Sport Coupe was seen in the 2013 Great Race from St. Paul, Minn., to Mobile, Ala.

  A nice thing about this year’s Hot Rod & Restoration Show ( in Indianapolis was that the new owners of the event actually had a number of restored-to-original cars on display.  And since I own a 1936 GM car … More »

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Automodello reveals prototype model of Brooks Stevens Cord L-29 roadster

Brooks Stevens Cord L-29.

After teasing Cord fans through its advertisements over many months, Automodello has released these images of a prototype for its forthcoming 1:24 model of the Brooks Stevens Cord L-29 roadster. We’re afraid these images will only drive those Cord fans … More »

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1956 Cadillac Die Valkyrie by Brooks Stevens to appear at CCCA event

The 1956 Cadillac Die Valkyrie being loaded for its trans-Atlantic trip.

The one-of-a-kind “Die Valkyrie” 1956 Cadillac designed by Brooks Stevens will be displayed at the  Classic Car Club of America “Grand Experience” on the grounds of the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Mich., on June 1, 2014. The Grand … More »

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Glimpse into long-forgotten Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, Ford dealership

Inside view of a Cedar Grove, Wis., Ford dealer.

Joe K. Hesselink, grandfather of Old Cars Weekly reader Paul K., was part owner of a Ford dealership in Cedar Grove, Wis., before the Great Depression. The Depression years were hard, and Hesselink lost the business during the “dirty ’30s,” … More »

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Found: 1979 Old Cars in 1956 old car

1956 Ford Town Victoria had a selling point beyond the car itself.

Restorer and reader Marty Martino was looking to buy a 1956 Ford Town Victoria four-door hardtop as yard art, but we don’t think it wasn’t the Ford’s color combination, condition or patina that sold him — it was the relic … More »

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Four-Door Flat-top Olds

Four-door cars like this Oldsmobile have great appeal to younger car collectors.

The Iola Old Car Show ( feature exhibit this year will be “Four for all in ‘14” – featuring four-door vehicles. There are two big positives in honoring four-door cars. First, a number of four-door models are unique/ Second, a … More »

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No Captain Video

This is the “American Pickers” headquarters in LeClaire, Iowa. I never watched the show; I went there on my way to the Davenport motorcycle show...

  I am no Captain Video. I don’t watch TV. Years ago I used to watch a little television when I traveled. These days I don’t need the boredom of TV to put me asleep. Long working days and the … More »

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Hot Rod Henrys

Here’s Dave Granger’s Henry J racer.

  Mark Geske started working at my restoration shop in January and addition to having a lot of car fixing experience, he has a lot of cars himself. Two of them are modified Henry J’s; hot rod versions of a … More »

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My Favorite Car Museum

A 1909 Buick racing car. Racing played a big part in early Buick history.

With apologies to all the other great collections across the country, my favorite car museum has always been the Indianapolis Motor Speedway “Hall of Fame” museum ( There are bigger museums, there museums with more modern interactive technology and there … More »

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Restoration Representation

Mark Kennison of D&D Classic Automobile Restoration ( brought this boattailed Isotta-Fraschini to the show.

  For the last five years or so we have been regular attendees to the Hot Rod & Restoration trade show ( held annually in late March in Indianapolis. The show is aimed at introducing professional car builders to new … More »

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