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Hot Rod Henrys

Here’s Dave Granger’s Henry J racer.

  Mark Geske started working at my restoration shop in January and addition to having a lot of car fixing experience, he has a lot of cars himself. Two of them are modified Henry J’s; hot rod versions of a … More »

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My Favorite Car Museum

A 1909 Buick racing car. Racing played a big part in early Buick history.

With apologies to all the other great collections across the country, my favorite car museum has always been the Indianapolis Motor Speedway “Hall of Fame” museum ( There are bigger museums, there museums with more modern interactive technology and there … More »

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Restoration Representation

Mark Kennison of D&D Classic Automobile Restoration ( brought this boattailed Isotta-Fraschini to the show.

  For the last five years or so we have been regular attendees to the Hot Rod & Restoration trade show ( held annually in late March in Indianapolis. The show is aimed at introducing professional car builders to new … More »

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Meet Mark Geske

Mark Geske (left) started working at 3Gs in January and in March he pais a visit to Midwest Remanufacturing ( to meet Ken Walsh (right).

  We wanted to introduce everyone in the old-car community to Mark Geske, who started working at Gunner’s Great Garage ( a while ago. Things have been so busy since Mark came on board that we just never got a … More »

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Parts galore – and sometimes more than you bargained for

If you’ve ever needed a part for your car or truck, you’ve more than likely called or gone to Nordstrom’s Auto Recyclers of rural Garretson, S.D. It’s a mechanical Mecca, the Holy Grail for the car enthusiast.  There’s buildings and … More »

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Learning to Drive


I think we can all remember the first time that we got behind the wheel. That feeling of actually growing up and that power (or no power) when you pushed down that accelerator for the first time.  I do. On … More »

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’37 Chevy ‘machined’ for the quarter mile

The car is built to 1969 NHRA Supercharged Gas rules and runs a Mooneyham 6:71 Blower with twin Quick-Fuel 850cfm alky carbs on a 427 Chevy/Dart block.

Louie Longhi is the Program Director and Lead Instructor for the Mechanic’s Local No. 701 Education & Training Program. Local 701 is a branch of the International Assoc. of Mechinists & Aerospace Workers. The local is based in Carol Stream, … More »

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Auto artist wants to ‘go places’

Top Fuel fashion statement.

We ran into auto artist Mary Watt Yeadon ( at the Buick-Olds-Pontiac-Cadillac Swap Meet in St. Charles, Ill., a few weeks ago.  Yeadon started painting pictures of cars instead of wall murals around 2007. She has developed a technique of … More »

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1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville fetches record $150,000 at Mecum Kissimmee sale

No price guide — not Old Cars Report Price Guide, not NADA, not Kelley Blue Book, not Cars That Matter — not one of them has a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville two-door hardtop valued at six figures.  In fact, no … More »

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We’re heading for ‘Little SEMA’

The Hot Rod & Restoration Show ( and the SEMA Show ( are organized by different folks, but we just can’t help thinking of the Hot Rod & Restoration Show as “Little SEMA.” And as everyone in the old car … More »

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