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Car of the Week: 1967 Corvette

Ron Acker figured he had it right the first time. As a college student back in 1967, he took delivery of a shiny new 1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe from a Madison, Wis., Chevrolet dealer.


Car of the Week: 1948 Nash Super 600

My 1948 two-tone Canterbury Gray Nash Super 600 Brougham was purchased new by a Mr. Ferri. The car is a unitized body with coil springs on all four wheels. It has a L-head 172.6-cid, 82-hp, six-cylinder engine. It is known as a Super 600 because the car has a 30-gallon fuel tank and the...


Car of the Week: 1931 Lincoln Model K

Andy Switzer had a pretty legitimate reason for never previously pursuing a car as nice as his stunning 1931 Lincoln Model K sedan. He simply didn’t think he could ever afford it. “I thought a car like this would have been out of my price range, so I didn’t even look at anything like...