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Car of the Week: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

In his 40 years of ownership, Bill Guettler estimates he has put almost 300,000 miles on his Volkswagen Bug driving throughout California, and it has never let him down. He says it has been a joy to drive and work on.


Car of the Week: 1958 Dodge D100 pickup

As we entered the Car Corral area I spotted a “pink” 1958 Dodge D100 “Power Giant” pickup. I already owned too many vehicles, including a 1956 Chevrolet pickup, so buying another truck was the last thing on my wish list (or my wife’s).


Car of the Week: 1948 Studebaker Land Cruiser

By Brian Earnest Edward Philie was the only teenager in his corner of the world who had an old Studebaker “limo” when he was a kid. Four decades or so later, he’s the only one around Rockland, Mass., with one, and that’s just the way he likes it. “The very first car I ever...


Car of the Week: 1969 Corvette L88

Tom Marcucci recalls the stargazed effect of seeing his uncle’s brand-new, yellow 1968 Corvette coupe. Just 12 years old at the time, Marcucci dreamed of one day getting behind the wheel of his own Corvette


Car of the Week: 1963 Zip Van

In 2008, Frank Haines saw a classified ad in Farm Collector Magazine for a 1963 Zip Van that was set to be auctioned. When the hammer went down, Haines had the winning bid. For the former postal worker, the van struck an emotional cord.

The chassis, brakes and suspension of this 1969 Corvette convertible have been restored and are ready for the drivetrain to be installed. That starts with the 350-cid V-8 that has been waiting on the engine hoist.

Reunited: 1969 Corvette gets its engine, transmission back

  By Brian Earnest Randy Walter and the guys at Corvette Sports in Sheboygan, Wis., have done more engine and transmission installations on Corvettes of every vintage than they can possibly remember. They have specialty tools and custom-made jigs for particular parts of the job to make things easier, but mostly they have years...