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Q&A with Kit Foster: June 26, 2014

Q. Regarding prewar cars with power windows, I believe that the 1942 Lincoln Continental had them, and I believe that they were vacuum-operated. The Sam Pack museum has a 1942 Continental Convertible and they list power windows on it. — … More »

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Hot rodders unite with limited-edition postage stamp


U.S. Postal Service celebrates the fast, powerful cars thrill-seeking enthusiasts have been modifying for nearly a century by dedicating the limited-edition Hot Rods Forever Stamps. More »

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Get Your Home Garage Organized like a Pro Shop

Sturdy rack holds tires.

  Many classic car hobbyists only have a standard home garage. So how can you turn a regular two-car garage into a mini man cave” Jody Schmeisser of Pit Pal Products ( brought his Get Organized Garage to the Performance … More »

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Ringbrothers’ Mustang

This Ringbrothers Mustang project sports new blue paint.

The award-winning Mustangs built by Ringbrothers in Spring Green. Wis., took Golden Builder Awards at the Hot Rod & Restoration Show. Mike and Jim Ring are known for making dream machines. While Ford “pony cars” aren’t the only type they … More »

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Flower Power

Hippie horsepower.

The ’69 Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top model summed up the flower child movement of the ‘60s, but it also had “flower power” with a 340-cid V-8. Only 1,021 Mod-Top Barracuda or ‘Cudas were made and few had 340s. According to … More »

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This is going to be a budget restoration project.

My son Jesse spent his first week of Studebaker ownership pulling the standard transmission, electric overdrive unit and “Big Six” engine out of his ’49 Commander Starlight Coupe. That engine had been “stuck” for 30 years and while we’re sure … More »

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1971 Hemi ’Cuda convertible sets record with $3.5M bid

1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda Convertible (Lot S95)
Photo by David Newhardt, Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

Mecum’s inaugural Seattle auction last weekend carved out its place in the history books with the record-setting sale of a 1971 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda Convertible (Lot S95). More »

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Daughter of Preston Tucker dies

June 19, 1947: A cover of TUCKER TOPICS, the Tucker Corporation newsletter showcasing Marilyn Lee christening the Tucker “Tin Goose” before a crowd of 5,000 at Tucker’s Chicago factory on Cicero Ave.

Marilyn Lee Tucker McAndrew, daughter of famed automotive manufacturer Preston T. Tucker and Vera A. Tucker, passed away on June 5, 2014 in Carlsbad CA, at the age of 87. More »

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Q&A with Kit Foster: June 19, 2014

Q. I have had a number of antique cars over the years, and with the oldest I usually continued to drive on bias-ply tires. An exception was a ’67 Cadillac convertible. It had modern radials when purchased, and I adhered … More »

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On the Road Again

We lost the skirts on an East Coast trip. They blew off and into a semi.

  On the morning of Sunday June 15  we’ll be back on the road again in our timeworn, but reliable ’53 Pontiac Catalina. This time we’re heading for the Pontiac Oakland Club International ( 2014 Convention in downtown Wichita, Kan., … More »

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