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  1. Nancy Gates says:

    AACA Museum is having a month long event that is dedicated to woman and how cars had an impact on their revolution.

    Event Name: Women Take the Wheel
    Place: AACA Museum
    Time: 9-5 daily
    Date:3/1/13 Through 3/31/13
    Price: Adults $10 Children $7 (under 3 free) Seniors $9 (61+)

    Today, over 100 years after the automobile first liberated drivers from horse-drawn buggies, women drive to work, shuttle the kids, and even hold powerful positions in automotive related industries. No one bats an eye. However, at the turn of the century, only a few women worked outside the home and even fewer owned and drove cars. Victorian women were viewed as too fragile to deal with public affairs, participate in strenuous activity, or operate complex machinery – such as automobiles. However, the automobile – first a symbol of male power and control – became the perfect vehicle for feminine revolt. For these women, the automobile provided opportunities for work, inventions, adventure and independence. In recognition of Women’s History Month, the AACA Museum will focus on women who made automotive history – and possibly steered the course for who we are today.

    Contact info: 717-566-7100

    161 Museum Dr.
    Hershey PA 17033

    Thank you

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