Hobbyist, Ford parts man Jim Phillips passes away

Photo - from "Hubcaps for Dinner"

Photo – from “Hubcaps For Dinner” – www.mytoadhallpress.com

Jim Phillips, a well-known hobbyist and longtime supplier of Ford parts as owner of Jim’s New Parts for Old Fords, died Sept. 19.

Phillips was born on October 8, 1935 in Highland Park, Ill. His early years in business are chronicled in the book, “Hubcaps For Dinner” by Jim Phillips (www.mytoadhallpress.com) He was an amusing and insightful writer.

Phillips spent over 30 years searching for old automobile parts and cars that many people said no longer existed. He was asked many times why he had this fascination for old cars and parts. He said “It certainly wasn’t the money. The thrill was in the hunt, not in the possession. Like happiness, it had to be searched and sacrificed for.”

Phillips is survived by his wife of 58 years, Cynthia Phillips, other family members and numerous friends who Jim learned from, and in return mentored and coached.

In lieu of flowers, donations maybe be made to the Bulverde Area Humane Society, P. O. Box 50, Bulverde, TX 78163.

2 thoughts on “Hobbyist, Ford parts man Jim Phillips passes away


    Hi Cynthia and family- We send our sincere condolence and hope all is well with you and family. It’s sad to hear that Jim has left us but our time is drawing near and I pray that Jim knew the LORD closely. It took me a long time to come back to the LORD and GOD had to take me out of Houston and bring me to Wi. to get me saved in 2004. THANK YOU JESUS!! You and Jim sold me a lot of parts while I had FORD MAN’s MUSTANGS in Houston for over 30 years. I too enjoy the hunt for old NOS parts and still help others whenever I can. I now live in La Valle, WI. with my wife, Margo. Wow; it’s nice to know you and Jim were together for 58 years. Take care and GOD BLESS as HE has us. TED ‘FORDMAN’ AND MARGO EHRHARDT FORDMANTED@aol.com


    Cynthia- Do you happen to know Rusty Mahan who lives in Bulverde too. I deal with him over FORD Boss 302 parts and we raced Mustangs together at Texas A&M Speedway. He is a great guy and true to FORD as I am. I miss the good old days even when life was a struggle for all of us . It’s so sad to see what has happened to the AMERICA we once knew and enjoyed. People have become so self-centered and “meisms” have taken over our govt. and its leaders. Where did Common Sense that WE THE PEOPLE have to use to survive . Our leaders and laws have gone by the wayside and they have forgot how to govern. if we don’t wake up and vote-Our AMERICA is doomed. Take care and GOD BLESS FORDMAANTED@aol.com


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