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Many in the hobby have been searching for quality car programming that does not involve “reality drama,” wrench throwing, foul language, incorrect information and lack of believability. Thanks to the folks at Chip Taylor Communications there is a new show debuting on Velocity Channel starting December 5th at 8:00 and 8:30 PM EST called The Appraisers.

The weekly show follows three unique and likable car nuts who travel around to several car events and collections across the country to visit with collectors of every breed. There are hobbyists with one car and those with collections many of us can only dream about. What makes these stories come alive is the human interest and the skills of the stars in interviewing a great cast of “characters.” You will get to see everything from a Mohs Safarikar to a Lamborghini … that really is spanning a lot of design territory! While the stories do have an element of “what is my car worth?” the stories behind each car and the history of the manufacturer are sure to delight and be a refreshing change.

The Antique Automobile Club of America has lent their support to this show. The cast, which includes high-end Las Vegas car dealer Ben Nef, AACA Past President Tom Cox and AACA Library & Research Center Head Librarian Chris Ritter, coalesce well, entertain without being lude or rude, and bring a believable insight into the world of car collecting. Adding to this mix is the chance to tell the stories of great cars through the passion of their owners, something the club feels is very important.

If you love the world of collectible cars and want a chance to sit back and enjoy people just like you, tune in on Saturday nights.

2 thoughts on “New car TV show

  1. Chip Taylor

    Hi Mike,
    AACA’s Steve Moskowitz and Tom Cox pointed me to the link for your article. What a great website! And thank you for your informative – and dead-on – review about our upcoming auto reality TV show, The Appraisers. All of us are very happy that Discovery’s Velocity channel has scheduled The Appraisers to air at Prime Time on Saturday evenings in December and January. Here is the complete broadcast schedule (EST):

    12/05/15 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep.1 Here We Go!
    12/05/15 – 8:30/11:30 PM Ep. 2 Fast and Wow!
    12/12/15 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 3 Sweet Rides
    12/19/15 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 4 Healthy Competition
    01/02/16 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 5 Show and Tell
    01/09/16 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 6 The Amazing Chase
    01/16/16 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 7 Great Expectations
    01/23/16 – 8:00/11:00 PM Ep. 8 Ride On!

    Your readers can meet the cast and guests, and see the featured cars and trucks, by visiting the official website for The Appraisers –

    In television, viewers matter, and all of us who want The Appraisers to be a successful series encourage all to watch and to DVR each episode, to Like and to Share our Facebook page –; also, Discovery encourages viewers to send comments to

    Thank you again for notifying your readers about The Appraisers.

    Best regards,

    Chip Taylor
    Executive Producer

  2. AACA1

    Chip thanks for sharing. This is going to be a great series and you guys outdid yourself for a first year show with lots of challenges. On behalf of all of us in AACA we are fervently behind you and wish to great success. I will apologize in advance for my segment in Episode 8 since I have a face for radio not TV!


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