Pebble Beach to be adorned with Isotta Fraschinis


1930 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS Castagna Special Sports Tourer

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. _ From an unlikely partnership between lawyer Cesare Isotta and car enthusiasts Vincenzo, Antonio and Oreste Fraschini came Italy’s most opulent automobile brand: Isotta Fraschini (Ee-So-ta fra-Skee-nee). A wide range of Isottas, from the very first to the last cars built, will be showcased in three full classes at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 20.

Cesare and brothers Vincenzo, Antonio and Oreste formed Isotta Fraschini in 1899 in Milan, Italy. At the forefront of technological innovation, the company pioneered the use of four-wheel brakes. Its golden years were characterized by the famed Tipo 8—which featured the world’s first production straight 8 engine and offered coachbuilders a long and strong chassis to showcase their creations.

The first Isotta Fraschini, built in 1901

The #1 Chassis tag for the 1901 Isotta

The 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will feature the 1901 Isotta bare chassis in one of the Isotta Fraschini classes, the 1947 and 1948 Isotta Fraschini 8C Monterosas in the Postwar Grand Touring class, along with a wide variety of Tipo 8As in the Isotta Fraschini Castagna Coachwork Open and Closed Classes.

The 1947 Isotta Fraschini 8C Monterosa Touring Coupe

The 1948 Isotta Fraschini 8C Monterosa Boneschi Cabriolet

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