Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance


SVRA scores another milestone

President/CEO Tony Parella secures SVRA’s new status as the largest vintage racing organization, and pioneers another landmark event with the inaugural Amelia Island Vintage Gran Prix. Three short years ago, SVRA, one of the industry’s oldest vintage racing organizations, was predominantly a regional South East organization with approximately 500 members who participated in 5...

Supercharged 1935 Duesenberg Walker-LaGrande convertible coupe.

Supercharged Duesenberg, additional Classics, highlight RM Auctions’ 2013 Amelia Island sale

Supercharged Duesenberg Walker-LaGrande convertible coupe offered by RM Auctions Walker-LaGrande convertible coupes are among the most striking Duesenbergs to have been built, but just three were built after the supply of Murphy convertible coupe bodies was extinguished. By the time the sweeping Walker-LaGrande bodies were brought to market, Duesenberg sales were petering out. All...