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Easter pilgrimage: See the Popemobile turned ‘Saint’ car

In 1982, the British design firm of Ogle crafted the first bulletproof Popemobile on a Range Rover chassis. The raised “telephone booth” at the rear raises overall height of the car to 102 inches.

The Popemobile – a 1982 Range Rover – is currently part of the “Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes” exhibit at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas. More »

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Popemobile to become Saintmobile

This 1982 Range Rover Popemobile was one of two built for a trip to England.

  On Jan. 8, the current pope, Pope Francis, picked up a hitchhiker while his Popemobile was crossing St. Peters Square and made headlines and news broadcasts all over the world. Then, a few days later, there were international news … More »

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Tunable Tension: An ol’ fashioned fitment fix


Gappin’ doesn’t just happen. When a body on a rotisserie must become reacquainted with the frame rails to which it belongs, or when new mounting pads and a box full of shims aren’t enough to square things up, you’ll likely twist panels and cut parts to get a good gap. Here’s how you can fix it. More »

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First Glance: Tom Mack Auctions has ‘Big Thursday’

1955 Chevrolet (Early Series) Pickup truck

The Big Thursday Tom Mack Auction, held April 4 at the Cabarrus Event Center in Concord, N.C., lived up to its name with big deals. More »

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Fitting Fenders: Saved by shims

In the beginning, it was business as usual. With the car’s weight on its suspension and even tire inflation, a bottle jack was positioned under the sagging passenger’s side frame horn. Then a long level was laid across the shanks of the upper bumper studs.

What started out as a standard, straight-forward procedure in our ’31 Cadillac project took a surprising twist in the form of a twisted front fender. More »

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VMCCA celebrates its 75th year with array of national tours

Anything pre-war can show up on a AAA Glidden Tour.  And a crowd of car nuts is bound to show up and check out each car. (Photo courtesy Veteran Motor Car Club of America)

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America has six national tours planned this year, exploring different parts of the country. More »

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