Old gauges aren’t always reliable; consider using an infrared thermometer to determine the true engine temperature.

Keep cool: There’s more to a cool engine than coolant

An engine can overheat for a multitude of reasons. Some reasons are ridiculously simple while others can be complex, requiring major repairs or even complete replacement of the engine block or cylinder heads. In any event, overheating problems need to be immediately tracked down and corrected to avoid major repairs.

Cadillac’s first V-8.

Cadillac Launched First Production V-8 100 Years Ago

  In September 1914, Cadillac introduced the first V-8 engine in a series produced, mass-market automobile. The 314.5-cid V-8 had a 3-1/8 x 5-1/8 in. bore and stroke. It was a 90-degree L-head with non-detachable heads and two cast iron four-cylinder blocks on an aluminum crankcase. It made 70 hp at 2400 rpm and...