Bonhams’ ‘Preserving the Automobile’ auction

New York –  On Monday, October 3rd Bonhams will host its fifth annual Preserving the Automobile Auction at Philadelphia’s Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. Particularly noteworthy about this unique, forward-thinking sale is the depth and breadth of automobiles on offer. Characterizing just about every era and interest of motoring, the careful selection of vehicles also presents nearly...


1954 Nash Statesman Country Club coupe

Story and photos by Brian Earnest Lowell Johnson is either a “Nash guy” with a fixation for Kaisers and Frazers, or a “Kaiser-Frazer guy”with a  soft spot for Nashes. Either way, every day is Independents Day for the Sheboygan, Wis., resident, who has an eclectic and very cool collection of wonderful orphans. One of...

William Reddig, famed Nash designer, dies

By Patrick Foster It is once again my sad duty to report to my fellow Nash enthusiasts the passing of another great Nash-Kelvinator and Nash Motors executive. William E. Reddig, former assistant director of styling for Nash, passed away on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 12:35 pm. Thankfully his passing was a peaceful one....

Car of the Week: 1954 Nash Ambassador

Ingvar “Ole” Arneson is a Hudson guy. When you strike up a conversation with the gregarious Wisconsin Rapids., Wis., resident, you don’t have to steer the discussion towards Hudsons. He’ll just take you there regardless. “I’ve owned seven of them in my lifetime,” he says proudly.

So when it comes to hobby cars,...

Car of the Week: 1954 Nash Metropolitan

Back in 1970, even though he had just bought a flashy new muscle car, Jim Caron just couldn’t help himself. His sparkling new 1969 SC/Rambler was fun and all, but Caron figured that the lonely old 1954 Nash Metropolitan he had seen at a local boneyard needed a new home.

“I dunno, I’m...

Car of the Week: 1955 Nash Ambassador

Nash merged with Kelvinator in 1937, but unlike an appliance, the 1955 Nash Ambassador was a take-notice automobile, even at a time when other automakers were beginning to offer high performance or chrome-enriched glitz.