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Easter pilgrimage: See the Popemobile turned ‘Saint’ car

In 1982, the British design firm of Ogle crafted the first bulletproof Popemobile on a Range Rover chassis. The raised “telephone booth” at the rear raises overall height of the car to 102 inches.

The Popemobile – a 1982 Range Rover – is currently part of the “Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes” exhibit at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas. More »

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Popemobile to become Saintmobile

This 1982 Range Rover Popemobile was one of two built for a trip to England.

  On Jan. 8, the current pope, Pope Francis, picked up a hitchhiker while his Popemobile was crossing St. Peters Square and made headlines and news broadcasts all over the world. Then, a few days later, there were international news … More »

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