A 1941 Studebaker Commander emerges from the Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnel. Separate tubes opposing streams of traffic and graduated fluorescent lighting to adjust motorists' eyes to the interior were incorporated in subsequent improvement programs, - PA Turnpike Commisssion

Pennsylvania Turnpike paved the way for today’s interstates part I

Gregg D. Merksamer   It is likely that the best way to understand the true importance of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which became America’s first long-distance superhighway when the initial 160-mile section between Carlisle (16 miles west of Harrisburg) and Irwin (21 miles east of Pittsburgh) opened to traffic on October 1st, 1940, is to...

Period photos show the LeBaron-bodied 1937 Chrysler town car built for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler. The car is a study in streamlining during the Art Deco era, with harmonizing speed lines throughout the entire design.

A Chrysler’s Chrysler

With Chrysler as her last name — Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler, to be exact — Della Chrysler’s automotive choices weren’t as limited as one might expect. Certainly, Mrs. Chrysler drove a Chrysler automobile, but in 1937, she chose not to be carried in one of the dizzying number of production sedans and limousines in...