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ACD Museum to open Buehrig design gallery

Here's a press release I recently received from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Ind., highlighting the opening of a new gallery on May 30. Any fans of automobile design will be interested in this display that now only highlights the completed works of one of America's most famous designers, but also the design process he undertook to make his ideas a reality.
In talking to Gran Roberts at the ACD Museum, I learned there will an Auburn 851 speedster and Cord 810/812 model present, in addition to the many other examples of Buehrig's art. And, of course, the many other great cars housed in the ACD Museum will be exhibited.
I can't be there, but I know there are some hobbyists closer to the museum that might be interested in attending. If so, here's the info:

WHO: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum – 1600 S. Wayne St. – Auburn, Indiana 46706

WHAT : Please join the museum for the GRAND OPENING of the “Gordon Buehrig (B-yur-rig) Gallery of Design” Sponsored by Alcoa Foundation and Co-sponsored by the E.L. Cord Foundation and the Charles and Barbara Goodman Foundation.

WHERE: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum on Level III of the museum, top of the main stair case in the Timothy S. Durham Gallery of Classics.

WHEN: Following the Museum membership dinner which takes place from 6-8 p.m. The Gallery Ribbon Cutting will take place right at 8:15 – 8:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

WHY: The Gordon Buehrig Gallery of Design celebrates the life’s work of automotive legend Gordon Buehrig, and the process of design. Gordon Buehrig is a legend in the automotive world, designing many of the cars that Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg Inc. produced. He designed many legendary and revolutionary designs such as the Duesenberg Model J, deemed the “King of the Classics” and the greatest luxury car ever built in the world, The Cord 810 and 812 which was given the term “Rolling Sculpture” and named by the New York Museum of Modern Art as one of the greatest cars ever designed, and Buehrig was also responsible for the memorable Auburn Boattail Speedster 851 and 852. All three of these cars that he was responsible for designing, went on to become full registered Classics by the Antique Automobile Club of America. Gordon later went on to work for many design firms and spent a great deal of time at Ford designing the 1951 Victoria Coupe and the 1956 Continental Mark II among other projects.

Gordon’s widow Kay, daughter Barbara, and many other relatives and friends will be present to celebrate his life and enjoy the gallery. This is a special time in the automotive world, and to the museum. Having Gordon’s family at the gallery opening is a rare opportunity that one can’t miss connected to the automotive world and northeastern Indiana. Gordon’s designs and contributions to the automotive world is quite impressive and are still being recognized more than 70 years since they were created.

This gallery is the museum’s most technologically driven gallery space to date. This gallery features many touch screen displays that allow you to HEAR THE VOICE OF MR. BUEHRIG HIMSELF speaking on different topics from his days in the auto industry. Many of Gordon’s personal items are in this gallery as well as many displays featuring the 1938 Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg designs that were never produced due to the company going under. Visitors will also get a look at the design process that went on at Auburn Automobile Company. As an example, the company designers went through more than 70 designs for an Auburn 8 hubcap, and those visiting the gallery will get to see many of those designs alongside the actual hubcap and design chosen for production. This will be a great night filled with many historic moments and treasures.

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