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An internet discovery

Some readers of this blog may already know that I collect vintage photographs. Many of these are used in Old Cars Weekly and some of my book projects. Generally, I look for photos with fun compositions that include interesting cars from the late 1920s through the 1960s.

Any photo with interesting cars catches my eye, but generally, I look for photos with Cadillacs, Willyses, Fords and "big C" Classics, such as Duesenbergs and Lincolns. To find these photos, I scour swap meets, the classifieds in Old Cars Weekly and peruse a few Web sites to discover such treasures. In the course of such hunts, I run across other cool items that aren’t necessarily what I collect, but are fascinating nonetheless. One of those items that I recently ran across was a new, in the box MotoMeter for a Duesenberg Model A that sold for $2,200! Since it’s an item that you don’t see everyday, I thought I’d post it here.

The item was found on eBay, and since the auction ended, you’ll probably have to be signed in to eBay in order to view it.

If you're into old pics, too, watch this blog ... you never know when a few of them will show up on this page!

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