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Compare and Contrast

Teachers LOVE compare and contrast assignments, and I spent so much time in school, it's must have become ingrained in me. While at the Kruse Fall Auburn auction and the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Reunion, I found a couple opportunities to compare some interesting cars.

At the auction, I found a 1960 Ford and 1960 Edsel parked next to each other, so it was a great chance to see how similar these cars are to one another, as well as how they are different. To boot, the cars were both four-door hardtops, too, making the chance to "compare and contrast" even greater. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but one detail I noticed on the Ford and Edsel was that, while both sport trim at the top edge of the fenders with different ornaments on the top, the trim is not interchangeable, even though it clearly could have been while retaining different ornaments. Also note the hoods and front bumpers are wildly different, but the rest of the sheet metal looks interchangeable.

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At first glance, there appears to be little difference between
Auburns and Auburn Salons. With these Auburn Twelve models spotted at
the ACD Club Reunion, the difference is much clearer. Note the silver
and blue Salon's shorter grille, covered radiator car, more sweeping
fender line at the front and more shallow bumper when compared to the
regular Auburn Twelve. Also note the different headlamps.

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