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Early Chevs at the Salisbury Automobile Classic

Here's some information I received on the Salisbury Automobile Classic on Sept. 7, a great concours-type show I attended several years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone in the Des Moines, Iowa, area. And even if you're not local, it's definitely worth the drive! Here are the particulars and a release from the folks at the concours:

4025 Tonawanda Drive
Des Moines, Iowa

William Crapo Durant’s legendary success with Chevrolet will highlight the 2008 Salisbury Automobile Classic (SAC) on Sunday, September 7. Nine Chevrolets (1912-1920 models representing each year) from the time Durant founded Chevrolet in 1912 until his second departure from General Motors in 1920 will be on display.
Durant’s achievements include starting Buick in 1904, General Motors in 1908 and Chevrolet in 1912. After loosing control of GM in 1911, Durant’s sensational success in just four years with his Chevrolet Motor Company allowed him to financially retake control of General Motors in 1915.
In addition to the first public display of these nine Durant Chevrolets from the world class collection of Dennis Albaugh; noted automobile author and researcher Bill Jepsen will present a colorful collection of stories about the life of GM Founder William C. Durant. Jepsen’s presentation will be held in the South Gardens of the Salisbury Castle overlooking a collection of cars including Durants, Locomobiles, Stars and Chevrolets, among the other cars built during Durant’s colorful career in the automobile industry.
On Saturday, car exhibitors at the SAC will have the opportunity to participate in the 1st SAC Heartland’s Driving Tour. The tour includes noted agricultural attractions like Iowa’s world famous “fields of dreams” corn and soybean fields, the Living History Farms, the international headquarters and research facilities of Pioneer Hybrids, and the John Deere Des Moines Manufacturing facility. The final attraction on the 34 mile tour will be lunch and a showing of the 100 Chevrolets (1912-1974) in the private collection of Dennis Albaugh.
Saturday Evening includes a fun and frolic 1920’s Style Great Gatsby Evening Party and car celebration on the grounds of the Salisbury Castle.

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