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Glimpse into long-forgotten Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, Ford dealership

Joe K. Hesselink, grandfather of Old Cars Weekly reader Paul K., was part owner of a Ford dealership in Cedar Grove, Wis., before the Great Depression. The Depression years were hard, and Hesselink lost the business during the "dirty '30s," but his family still has this image from inside that old Ford garage.
Hesselink is pictured at the far right of this image. His grandson said, "He must have been the salesman because as far as I know, he never really had any tools and I never witnessed him using any either." He's also not sure the year, but if you know, drop us a line at or write your comment below.

Inside view of a Cedar Grove, Wis., Ford dealer.

Inside view of a Cedar Grove, Wis., Ford dealer. Notice all the T's in the shop.

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