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Orange walls on the Duesenberg Special?!

Check out these pics of Harry Yeaggy’s Duesenberg from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Reunion, held over Labor Day weekend.

Yeaggy’s car won the “Lombardi Trophy” of car shows – “Best of Show” at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – but he did it with black walls. Following Pebble Beach, Yeaggy installed these orange-wall Firestones made specifically for this car and debuted the orange-tired car at Auburn. The car is now extremely close to how it appeared when Ab Jenkins raced it in the 1930s to numerous long-standing speed records.

As a note, this car was formerly known as the "Mormon Meteor." In its “Mormon Meteor” configuration, it carried all of the modifications performed to make it streetable by Ab Jenkins following the speed trials on the salt flats. Yeaggy recently restored the car to its original configuration, under which it set those speed records, so it is now proper to call the car the “Duesenberg Special” again.

The top two pics show the car at Auburn, Ind., during the ACD Club Reunion. The middle photo shows the car in an original Herb Newport drawing hanging in the ACD Museum in Auburn.

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