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RM Auctions' purchase of Kruse Auction Park: Waddya think?

This morning, I spoke with concept car collector Joe Bortz on the sale of the Kruse Auction Park in Auburn, Ind., to RM Auctions. Not surprisingly, Bortz thought it's a great move that will reinvigorate the automotive activities in that area.

"I think it’s the story of the year," Bortz said. "[The Kruse Auction Park] is kind of the temple of the car collecting [and] collector-car auction business. You’ve got the Auburn Cord Duesenberg show, which is one of the oldest shows, plus you have Auburn, the kind of the place where all automobiles magnetically start driving towards during Labor Day weekend.
"I would say that Rob Myers, this year, has become the Babe Ruth of the industry. He had that $50 million dollar sale in Monaco, and with the takeover of the "Holy Grail" location of auctions, I think that would catapult him into Babe Ruth pointing to left field and hitting it out of the park.
"I think the story this year is Rob Myers saving the "Holy Grail" of car auctions. I am sure he will bring it up and revitalize it to where it was. The fact that he is going to have an auction within eight weeks, that he plans to bring 1,500 cars to the site, is a monumental task, and I think he will accomplish it. He points to right field and just knocks it out, so it’s a really great story."

I agree that RM Auctions' purchase of Kruse Auction Park is beneficial to the hobby and, specifically, to our hobby activities in Auburn, Ind. I suspect there will be challenges caused by the previous owner, but I know RM is organized well and can properly address them. But what I want to know is, will YOU return? Do you think the car count and swap meet area will bounce back to its peak? Post a reply here or e-mail

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