Simeone's Corvette Grand Sport to hit the pavement

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It must be great to live in Philadelphia, with such proximity to the Simeone Foundation Museum. One example of that privilege will occur at noon on Saturday, Aug. 7, when the Simeone Museum hosts its second "Legends of Motorsport" event and feature a car that, the museum says, "everyone has been waiting for: the Corvette Grand Sport." This exceedingly rare racing sports car - one of only five ever built by General Motors - was previously owned by Philadelphians Roger Penske and George Wintersteen.

This event, sponsored by Chapman Chevrolet, will begin with a presentation in the main exhibit area on the development and history of the Grand Sport by Dr. Simeone. He will then be joined by Mr. Wintersteen who will tell how he came to acquire the car from Penske and what it was like to race it in the 1966 USRRC series.

When the presentation is finished, this beast will be fired up to demonstrate why many felt this was the car that could have beaten the Cobras.

A 1996 Grand Sport will also be on display, as well as a new 2010 GS from Chapman Chevrolet. The Simeone Museum welcomes all Corvette clubs to come to this event with their cars. If you would like to park in a reserved space in the back lot, please call Harry Hurst at 215-365-7233 to make arrangements. Space is limited.

Simeone Foundation Museum

6825-31 Norwitch Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19153

(215) 365-SAFE (7233)

A true beast: the Corvette Grand Sport.

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