Speak up to put YOM plates on Wisconsin collector cars

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Currently, Wisconsin collector plates are blue and red, a hideous and illegible combination. But there may be an alternative.

At this time, only owners in Wisconsin of cars built before 1945 may display a period license plate from the year in which their car was manufactured. However, a new bill being presented by Rep. Jeff Smith and supported by Rep. Petrowski and Rep. Donna Seidel of the Wisconsin State Assembly would also allow owners of collector vehicles in Wisconsin built since 1946 and up to 20 years old to display year-of-manufacture (YOM) license plates. This bill, AB 427, was originally introduced in the 2003-’04 session and now calls for donations by car clubs of at least $25,000 to absorb the cost of implementing the program, which is less than the $40,000 initially pledged by clubs when the bill was first introduced.

The bill did not pass the first time, but the sponsoring representatives are hopeful it will pass before the current assembly without changes since it was first presented. To do so, they will need the pledges initially offered by car clubs and the support of other representatives, gained through the urging of constituents across the state.

If you are a Wisconsinite and you’d like to see this bill pass as much as I would, contact your state assemblyman by calling 800-362-9472, or go to www.legis.state.wi.us to find the direct contact information for your district’s assemblyman.

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Ugh. And this image doesn't do justice the grotesque blue color.

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