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The checker flag has been waved!

At 3:01 on July 11, the Iola Old Car Show staff waved the checkered flag so that vendors, many of whom had been waiting since last weekend to enter the grounds, could run to their vending spaces and set up their wares.

These photos were taken at about 5:00 on July 11, so you can see how quickly the parts started pouring out of truck beds and off of trailers. In the first half hour I was on the grounds, I was able to spend $100. I bought a rusty Kidillac I saw last year and scooped up a spare dual-snorkel '55 Cadillac air cleaner.

If you aren't here, I figured I'd also post a few of the sweet deals you're missing!
The '57 T-Bird is a bit rough and is priced at $15,900 (if it's still for sale), and the 1970 Chevelle now has a 350 V-8 and a four speed with a price tag of $6,950.

I've also run into Dave and Marlese Lindsay, who brought their Duesenberg Model J convertible sedan and several Classic-era Packards, and George Collar and Bob Brown, who have several finned Mopars on display next to Ruffalo's cars.

If you're not here yet, you've got three days left to enjoy the sweet swap deals, the beautiful cars and all the cheese curds you can fit in your stomach!

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