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What is it?

Bill Napoli of the Motion Unlimited Museum in Rapid City, S.D., asked the OCW staff to identify the early touring in this vintage photo. Unfortunately, this one has us stumped.

Someone with more knowledge of late-1910s and 1920s cars should be able to easily identify this car with its unique radiator shell, which has an unusually heavy widow's peak. If you can help Mr. Napoli, post a comment below or send me an e-mail to and I'll be sure he gets the information.

You can check out the Motion Unlimited Museum's website at:

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Napoli's research into identifying the touring continued after he submitted the image, and he's now confident the car is a ca.- 1919 Maxwell. "I personally believe someone made that peak on the grille shell as maybe a little custom feature," he said. "This sort of thing is what makes antique cars such fun."

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