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Inside this issue of Old Cars Weekly (Dec. 10, 2009)

This issue's cover features Ken Eberts' work "Dad's Home." Shown is a 1940 Buick convertible sedan gliding over a snow-covered street toward a warmly lit home. This work is available as an 18-in. by 24-in. limited-edition Giclee of only 50 Artists Proofs, each priced at $300. To order "Dad's Home" or to find out about other available gallery work, contact Eberts at P.O. Box 613, Temecula, CA 92593.

The holidays were times for festive deals
If your memories run like most, then your dad was the hardest person to surprise at Christmas, or any other holiday. The car industry realized this dilemma years ago and sometimes offered suggestions to bring the holiday spirit to fathers.

Vintage Muscle
AMX stood for “American Motors Experimental.” The car with that name was Step 2 in AMC’s image revitalization program. The goal was to attract young car buyers who were scooping up high-performance models from other automakers.

Beyond the Bricks
Given General Motors’ bankruptcy and painful, ongoing reorganization, Flint, Mich., could have proved a somber place for the Professional Car Society to stage its 2009 International Meet. Preconceptions aside, the PCS Mid-Michigan Chapter did a fine job showcasing Genesee County’s colorful history and promising plans for the future, impressing funeral vehicle, ambulance and limousine fanciers who attended from around the country.

Hudson heirloom
Cars that come out of hiding places after being long-hidden make great stories, even if not every one of them really qualifies as much of a surprise.

E-Mail of the 1930s
Telegrams describe wheeling and dealing — if you can crack the code.

Vintage automotive toys
Cardboard is the cash crop

Old Cars Holiday Gift Guide
More ideas for what to wish for, and what to buy, for the car guy.

Speaking of Hot Rods
A dozen new hot rod books worth checking out this winter.

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