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We'd Buy That: 1971 AMC Gremlin

A 26,000-mile 1971 AMC Gremlin! In bright red, without a scratch on it? Who wouldn't want one?
We'd Buy That
Gremlin 3

Where do we sign up!!!??

This slice of AMC orphan awesomeness comes courtesy of Mecum Auctions, who will have it on the menu at their Mecum Glendale Auction March 20. The seller claims they are the only owner the car has ever had. "None nicer. One family owned," reads the ad, which we spotted on an Arizona Craigslist page. "Original survivor in excellent condition. Fresh service and ready to enjoy."

This thing is just too cool for school — and we'd be driving our kids to school in it we had it! Red-on-red ... slippery vinyl front bench seat. Four-on-the-floor!!

If this is, in fact, the nicest all-original Gremlin around, then We'd Buy That!

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Gremlin 2
Gremlin 5
Gremlin 6
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