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We'd Buy That: 1973 Mercury Cougar XR7

Old Cars finds a 'Big Cat' that we would love to have. Check out this ad for a '73 Mercury Cougar XR7.
We'd Buy That

For our money, there might not have been a better looking new car on the road in 1973 than the Mercury Cougar XR7. If you are old enough to remember, you'll recall the heavy run of TV commercials that we always bragging about these cars at "The Sign of the Cat!"

We found this one in southwest Texas, on a Craigslist ad. A beautiful red-and-black CONVERTIBLE, with a 351 V-8, leather interior and FACTORY AIR? And it's got power windows and a power top? Sign us up!!

The seller is looking for $19,500 and claims $12,000 was recently stuck into the car to get it running great.

This thing has got fun written all over it. We can't imagine the next owner of this baby regretting his purchase.

Heck yeah we'd buy that!

Check it out!

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