Roof Skins, cowl panels, drip rails for your tri-five

Get rid of rust with new parts from Bob's Classic Chevy
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Bob’s Classic Chevy is filling in the gaps with previously unavailable body panels for three rust- and damage-prone areas: roof skins, cowl panels and drip rail panels.

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“In almost any restoration, you’re going to find rust or other body damage, and the only way to get rid of rust permanently is to replace the damaged areas with new sheet metal,” said Bob’s Classic Chevy President Bob Antebi. “Roof panels are notoriously difficult to repair or straighten, water tends to collect in cowl panels, and since the drip rails are designed to catch rain, they’re also susceptible to rust. We’re excited to have these body panels our customers have been wanting for some time.”

Roof skins for two door hardtops are $599.99 and drip rail panels for two door hardtops are $109.99 each. Cowl panels for all 1955-57 Chevys are $469.99.

Customers can order online at or call 1-866-57-CHEVY (1-866-572-4389).

In addition to new parts, Bob’s Classic Chevy has a large selection of replacement body panels for 1949-57 Chevrolet cars, including floor pans and braces, rocker panels, quarter panels, and fenders. Also available are 1955 and 57 hoods, 1955-57 trunk lids, and door skins and shells for 1955-57 two-door hardtops and convertibles.


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