New Product: Save a Battery systems

All-in-one devices from Granite Digital maintains, tests and rejuvenates batteries.
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To the rescue, Granite Digital, a leading manufacturer of electronic products, has created a new battery charging system for maintaining, testing and rejuvenating batteries found in cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and ATVs.

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The new line of Save A Battery™ 12 volt chargers, maintainers and testers are designed to support all lead acid, AGM, and Gel Cell batteries. They not only charge and maintain automotive type batteries but they also test, monitor, alarm at low voltage (for “deep cycling”), rejuvenate, condition, power cycle and diagnose electrical and charging systems. The built-in digital LCD display works as a voltmeter to give you the most accurate current read out. The all-in-one devices are small and easy to carry and also have a lightweight ergonomic design.

The Modular Cable System (supplied with all models) offers the widest range of connection styles and types available on any charging system. Supported are: battery terminal, battery clip-on, test probes, extension, and cigarette lighter connections in both short or long cable lengths. Gold contacts are used to provide better conductivity in harsh garage and shop environments. All cable ends have a simple attaching loop that makes it easy to permanently fasten them to just about anything and moisture covers to keep the contacts clean.

A unique mounting system allows the Chargers, Maintainers and Testers to be mounted on a wall or in a vehicle. The units can easily be removed and used remotely and then slipped back on the mounting bracket for long-term monitoring and maintaining.

For ordering information visit or call 888-819-2190.

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