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Give your impala an important safety upgrade
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MESA, Ariz. — Buckling up is one of the first things most drivers do today, but most classic Impalas only come with lap belts, if they have seat belts at all. But you can give your Impala a major safety upgrade with a set of modern, retractable 3-point seatbelts, color keyed to match your interior. Available for all 1958-76 full-size Chevrolets, they’re priced at $239.88 per pair. Customers can order online at or call 1-800-IMPALAS (1-800-467-2527).

“Although you never want to have an accident — especially in your classic Chevy — 3-point seat belts do a better job of holding you in place and preventing serious injuries,” said Impala Bob’s President Bob Antebi. “Even if your Impala still has its OEM seat belts, they should be replaced if they’ve gotten stiff, frayed or torn.”

For rear seat installations or an OEM look, Impala Bob’s also carries original-style lap belts with a chrome buckle and lift latch in matching colors for $34.99 each. Both 3-point and lap belts are also available for 1949-57 Chevrolets and 1964-72 Chevelles and El Caminos; lap belts are available for 1947-72 Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

Contact: Impala Bob's, 4753 E. Falcon Drive, Mesa, AZ 85215; ph: 1-800-IMPALAS; FAX: 480-981-1675; website:

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