An enlightening option: LED lighting

An increasingly popular choice for lighting needs
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LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are becoming an increasingly popular option for lighting needs, and for a number of good reasons: They require lower energy consumption, have a longer lifetime and provide more light.

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Catering to the automotive market is Although offering LEDs for other needs as well, their inventory includes lights for any vehicle type, from cars, to trucks to motorcycles and for every need: headlights, flashers, license plate illumination, instrument panels and more.

Their 12 volt LEDs feature:

• Drop in Replacement
• Low Power (wattage) Draw
• Built-in Current Limiting Resistors or Constant Current Drivers
• Shock & Vibration Resistance
• Up to 50,000 Hours of life
• Low Heat Generation
• Instant ON/OFF
• Monochromatic (pure) Color

Not sure how to convert your lights with LEDs? Their Web site offers notes, along with a guide to identifying the right bulbs.

LED bulbs may cause some vehicles to indicate that a bulb is burnt out (because of their low power consumption) by turning on a bad bulb indicator. This can be remedied with load resistors wired across the LED bulbs to simulate a filament bulb load. Load resister kits are also available at


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